Who is the seer, what is the seen?

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Who is the seer, what is the seen?

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I have seen much division in the world, and so much information in the media, so many points of perception to choose from. So many “right ways“ to be, to So many ways, so many options to choose. So what is your choice of perception? What do you base it on? What truth do you choose?

So many lead to a sense of “us and them”. Good and bad, judgements to cling to, separation, all based in fear, not love.

Behind all these truths that we choose, what fuels us is a great passion to love and be loved. To be part of a whole. To feel safe.

Let’s go deeper, who is that you that makes all these choices, who is the Perceiver ?

Who is the you underneath your identity and gender in this lifetime?
You who is the eternal point of expression of Lifeforce?
An aspect of God who has chosen your current form and way of being and expression.

Who Is the you behind the you that sees, hears, feels, and chooses points of perception?

To become aware of that which we truly are, we realize we are all part of the One Heart, all are on a path to coming home, we are the Love that we seek.

Underneath the layers of perception and choice of reality…

All that we identify with in this lifetime, the sum of our perceptions, goals and lifestyle can be set aside… take a deep breath…
relax into the great stillness, there you will meet your true Self, your higher Self.
There is no gender, no lifestyle, no politics, there is only Love. Breathe that in….

From this greater point of view, all illusions of separation can fall away, only Love remains.

Here is unconditional Love, a powerful force that sustains All That Is, it is so much greater than any definition of it we have.

We are part of it, the expression and the expressed, all rolled into One.

The drop of water in the ocean.

Let this be the great awakening.

Offered in love. ?

Mary Jones

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